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BR1: DJ Flack - House of Cards EP - 12" vinyl

this side: 1. Prague Rock: MP3 stream
2. Silk Parachutes (remix of Cul de Sac's Bamboo Rockets): MP3 stream
that side:

1. Klez Dub: MP3 stream

2. Honeymoon Breeze: MP3 stream

The House of Cards EP contains some of DJ Flacks most fruitful experiments from the past couple of years. Prague Rock is a hypnotic swell of instrumental hip hop that conjures up absinthe sips in a smokey nightclub; Silk Parachutes is Flack’s take on the electric sitar-heavy tune Bamboo Rockets by the legendary post/indy/psych-rock band Cul de Sac; Klez Dub finds Flack pushing klezmer sounds deep into dub-step territory; and last, but not least, Honeymoon Breeze lulls us out of the EP into a sultry tropical dream.

DJ Flack produces a unique brand of beat science that spans the spectrum of music and video. As an electronic musician, his source material ranges from live instruments to bizarre snippets of obscure records rearranged and tweaked into submission. His first solo recordings were featured on the Toneburst Collective compilation CD in 1998. In 2000 his full length CD Dispenser was released. Before that he was a member of the beyond underground art-punk band Soothing Sounds for Baby. These days He and DJ C run the weekly Beat Research parties together. They also perform (and record) together as DuoTone. As an MC, Flack attacks complicated social issues with a sardonic wit while DJ C rocks the human beatbox. Flack is also an accomplished multi-media artist whose videos have been shown the world over, from New York’s Knitting Factory, to the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm Sweden. He incorporates interactive animation into his live sets, as well as his website

Sonic Heart Magazine, September, 2005
"DJ Flack's House of Cards EP happens to be the very first release of local electronic music label Beat Research. The label—Just born this summer—shares a name with yer more veteran local Monday night ragga-hiphop-dubstep-bhangra-grime-jungle-bashment get-together at the Enormous Room, as well as the night's two gracious hosts, Flack and C. The EP in question—not born this summer but rather gradually manifested over the past couple of years—was a great choice for first pick. Its sometimes tropical sensuality, its sometimes lush Bollywood tributes, and oh, its deadly expositions are tightly weaved plot devices in this exotic story. The fluidity of each of the four tracks swims through your mind's eye with the precise and passionate carelessness, with floppy-armed aplomb. DJ Flack, who is not only a seasoned DJ but also an accomplished video and multimedia artist, approaches tracks like a movie, I imagine, like a story that needs to be told. And in fact, one track in particular was most certainly crateed with visual intent. "Prague Rock" was originally made as a soundtrack to a film shot in—you guessed it—Prague, then it was used as a soundtrack for one of Flack's interactive animations. Meanwhile, my personal favorite, and also the last track on the EP, "Honeymoon Breeze," is filled with romantic waltzes on sunny terraces and fuzzy palm trees that bounce breezily back and forth in the wind. My Vote? 200 million thumbs up, dude. You heard it here first."
-Rory Belle

Grooves Magazine, September, 2005
"While Toneburst is now defunct, its spirit lives on through Trussell [DJ C] and fellow Mashit artist Antony (DJ Flack) Flackett's weekly Beat Research party—which also happens to be the name of [their] newest label. 'The first Beat Research record, by DJ Flack, has an instrumental hip-hop remix of an indian-flavored Cul de Sac tune, a klezmer/dubstep tune, some Hawaiian-flavored beats, and a tune with Czech folk-music samples,' says Trussell. '[The label] is an attempt to spread out into different areas' ..."
-Howard Shih

Honeymoon Breeze has been getting lots of airplay with spins from the likes of Ninjatune's DJ DK on their Solid Steel radio show in London, and Rob Da Bank on the BBC Radio 1.

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